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Exquisite Jewels or Sound
Investments? Both!

Apart from being exquisite jewels, diamonds can be wise investments over a period of three to five years. Certain types of diamonds are called investment grade (IG) because of their greater potential for appreciation and the protection they offer against inflation. Due to their unique characteristics, they are more stable compared to other investments such as stocks and bonds.

Besides, diamonds are sexy investments – they are pretty and you can wear them; you can't wear share certificates, currency notes or bars of gold!
You can't wear share certificates,
currency notes or bars of gold...
but you can wear diamonds!

What are Investment
Grade Diamonds?

Investment grade diamonds are usually
white round brilliant cuts with the highest
grades of colour and clarity.
Carat Weight:
1 carat and above.
Colour: D to H
Clarity grade: IF to VS2
Imperfections are not visible to the naked eye.

IG diamonds are
exceptionally brilliant.

How Investment Grade Diamonds Increase in Value

Investment grade diamonds
appreciate in value over time
because of their rarity – they are in
high demand but not easily available.
For example, it is very difficult to
find a round white brilliant cut,
D colour diamond that has no
imperfections (IF or internally flawless).
Moreover, it takes at least ten million
years to form a diamond, and the
supply of uncut diamonds is controlled
by a few firms in the industry.
The demand for diamonds has risen due to increasing purchases from emerging markets such as China and India. With few or no new diamond mines expected to be in production in the next ten years, the imbalance in demand and supply will increase the value of an already rare commodity. The value of investment grade diamonds has advanced steadily particularly over the last seven years. Natural fancy-coloured intense pink and blue diamonds have more than doubled over the same period.

Diamonds are now, more than ever, a great investment as well as exquisite jewels that can be worn and enjoyed.

Rising demand from emerging markets
(India & China)
Controlled by a few firms in the industry Increased value of
investment grade diamonds

Diamonds vs Other Investments Over Time