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Our Heritage

A century of excellence in the diamond and jewellery trade.
A heritage of successful enterprises crossing the globe.

Backed by more than a century of excellence in the diamond and jewellery
industry, the Hattons story celebrates a culture of entrepreneurship connecting
India with the World, and a heritage of success.

Originating in the
Western part of India,
the Jhaveri family
has a rich business
history since the 1850s.
The Jhaveri family originates from Surat, a major diamond hub in western India where over 90% of the world’s diamonds are cut and polished. They launched their business as fresh pearl merchants in the 1850s. Prakash Jhaveri, representing the fifth generation of the family, expanded into diamonds in the 1970s, selling cut and polished diamonds to the Far East and the West through a network of offices in Bombay, Antwerp, Pforzheim (Germany), Singapore and Hong Kong. The Jhaveris were invited by the Diamond Trading Company (DTC) of De Beers to be one of its exclusive sightholders within what was then considered record time – the very second year of their existence – a testament to the trust that the Jhaveris inspired. Prakash was also vice president of the International Diamond Manufacturers Association (IDMA) in the early 80's, and was a regular spokesperson representing India for the gem and jewellery trade.

Combining entrepreneurship with expertise in procuring fine diamonds, Hattons is committed to upholding its rich heritage and influence to bring you diamonds straight from the source that promise to delight, dazzle and endure.
One of the few exclusive buyers of De Beers rough diamonds sold at London’s historic Hatton Garden in the 70s.